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März 28th, 2012

We used ABF to provide a moving trailer for our move to Rowlett TX from Boise ID. ABF provided a 28 foot trailer which was dropped off promptly at our doorstep. They picked it up immediately after we called to let them know it was loaded.

Our household goods were delivered as scheduled. They called in advance to let us know when the trailer would arrive at our new destination. After we unloaded, I called for a pick up and the trailer was picked up within the hour. The drivers were helpful and courteous.

The customer service staff were a great help in planning our move. The only downfall were the loaders they recommended to use: Moving Staffers this company is terrible, a lot of our things were damaged and broken. Not ABF fault, but if they recommend or try to arrange for Moving Staffers to load DO NOT USE THEM. ABF I will use again as three of my family members have. I recently found a PDF about this company, and used a Flipbook erstellen kostenlos Freeware to convert it to an epaper.

The service was a truck rental. I had a reservation with UHAUL for the day before. When I tried to rent a larger truck for that day they told me they had a truck available in NYC. On my way to pick up the truck, they called to say they had given the truck to someone else. Apparently the centralized booking does not interface with the local vendors. So they offered me a truck in Danbury for the following day. I rearranged all my movers etc to do this. It took over 90 minutes to pick up the truck. There was  utter chaos in the office, with several very angry people all waiting.

The office was understaffed with one person trying to do the work of at least two. The man behind the counter had no time to answer questions or help with details.
When I returned the truck I was billed for additional gas despite filling the tank as required.  The move cost more than what had been originally in the agreement.

I liked their service, which was located in Berlin, Germany and it was good. Everything about them was good. I was satisfied with their services and I would recommend them to others. The good news was the employees were pleasant and the equipment was well designed. The bad news is the steering wheel shook continually between 45 and 60 mph.

The really bad news and the reason I will never use another U-Haul product or service again is on the cost. It cost me $ 435.96 for the use of the vehicle for one day and 170.4 miles! That is a one day rental picked-up and returned to the Rockville Centre facility. The truck was lightly packed. Almost half the truck was taken up by three light weight residential grade steel shelves lying on their sides, since I had a last minute second truck available.

Nothing was packet on top of each other in this residential move (home to self-storage). Sunrise Highway which took me there and back is on the south shore of Long Island. This is a glacial outwash plain; that means the road is flat very flat. There are therefore no hills to burn gas or put me into the red zone.

I was told that I would be paying for mileage and gas. I was not told that the mileage charge would be $1.59 per mile or that the truck would only get 7.21 miles per gallon. That meant it used $ 94.02 worth of gas! The Valero station I used is either the cheapest gasoline or within two cents of the best in the area. In fact I was told at the time of rental that the estimate of $198.87 was most likely high.The advertised rental price of $29.95 is clearly misleading. I suspect the proper term is bait and switch.

Februar 15th, 2011

I rented a truck from Budget.  I rented it in Manhattan and I drove it to New Jersey. It was okay.  I actually reserved a van on line but when I went to pick it up, they were out of vans so I had to use a truck.  It was the same price but the truck couldn’t go through tunnels.  I had to change my route and it lengthened the move. 

It took longer than it needed to.  I don’t know if the price was competitive or not; it was more than I wanted to spend.  The price is somewhere between fair and “I was disappointed.” I would use them again but I would do more homework next time. 


April 19th, 2010

Renting a TruckWe’ve been using Don Pascal and his business for nearly 10 years and it’s been nothing but a steady positive experience. Punctual, willing to do what it takes to get the customer happy, and open to new project types.  

Mostly outdoor work efforts but hauling isn’t all his crew will do.  We have had too many projects to list but wanted to at least put a report out there letting everyone know this is a great service provider.

I used U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer to rent a truck and a storage unit when was moving from New York to Pennsylvania.

I got a good deal with them because I rented the storage unit and got the first month’s rent free which was less $25 because I had to do the paper work, but I was in there for a month. I was really happy with them and I was pleased with the truck because it was new.

I was moving at a very emotional time because I was separating from my husband, so I don’t remember how much I paid for their services and I don’t want to miss quote them, but they were pretty good. If you had to ask me about them twelve years ago when I moved to Coram, I would have given them a bad score because the company was terrible back then.

I was scared to use them this second time because they over-charged me on my credit card the first time and then tried to hide it, but that didn’t happen this time, because I used a different office. I would recommend them. I rate them highly and will use them again in the future if needed. Uhaul’s vehicle was brand new. The service was excellent. They were very helpful and it was just a pleasure to be with them.They’re much cheaper than other companies.

We found their services very satisfactory. The truck was clean. The people behind the counter were helpful. All of the equipment was new and in very good condition. We had to extend the rental for longer that we anticipated and they were very accommodating.

They were professional people to work with and I can recommend their services. It’s a bit of a con; they say it’s $14.95 to rent the truck but then you have to pay $1 a mile.  I ended up spending $125-$130.  Using U-Haul is fine.  If you need a truck, they rent you a truck; it’s not a complicated transaction.   I would also say to watch out for the add-ons.  It’s not really a bait-and-switch but it’s close. I rented a 14 ft truck to move my daughter’s stuff down to Philly.

On the phone I was told there would be a 10% discount and it would be 30 cents a mile. When I got there they told me I had to have a printed out coupon to get the discount and was told it was 35 cents a mile. The air conditioner did not work in the truck. The back was damaged so there was a hole up in the front corner of the truck. They had tried to repair it will duct tape but you could still see a lot of daylight from the inside.

Luckily it did not rain. The engine light was on the whole time. I was praying we could make it there and back. We could not get the ramp out of the back of the truck. It was a very long noisy and uncomfortable ride. When we hit a bump it felt like we were going to fly out of our seats. I will never rent from them again